As an Aspiring Administrator, I have spent the last year tweaking my resume`. Is there a place to share ideas or share actual resume`s with Administrators or Aspiring Administrators?

If there are no suggestions, I would share with anyone willing to share their ideas, format, etc.

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Hi Kristine,
I am attaching my resume. I have discussed ideas regarding my resume with colleagues and school leaders. I have not had contact with professors since July of '07, so I have not had much advice on that level.
Dear Mr. Coladonato:

In response to your inquiry, you can contact Mr. Mike Keany (Long Island Leadership Center Listserv Moderator) for information on his leadership training services that includes a constructive review of your resume and tips on strengthening it. You can contact Mr. Keany at I highly recommend him.

Catalina Castillo
Thank you.
Thanks for starting this ning because I would love to collaborate with others on this site. Although I am not from Long Island, but rather from Detroit, I was also hoping to receive some constructive feedback on my resume or any ideas about writing for school leadership positions, particularly cover letters and recommendation letters.
I am currently a teacher in Suffolk County. In am interested in the CAS in Educational Leadership/Administration program through Stony Brook University with the NYS certificates in SDL/SBL/SDA. How did you like the program you attended? How many credits did you have to take? Also, what was the cost of the program at the time? Did this help you with future job opportunities in administration?









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