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We are a site dedicated to providing/sharing the best practices in school leadership, along with a rich array of resources locally and around the globe. We help present school leaders and aspiring school leaders to come together to meet present and future challenges. Members will have a state of the art learning platform from which to explore issues and learn collegially.

Members receive the following:

  • Full access to hundreds of leadership resources available with opportunities for discussion.
  • Special access to “premium" resources.
  • A home page and blog with varied media capability.
  • File storage through Ning and file upload sharing capability on forums/blogs.
  • Screened and evaluated library on leadership topics with ease of ordering.
  • A full library of award winning children’s literature available with discounted prices.
  • Streamed video and audio, one click classroom playing of professional development videos. chat and podcasting options.
  • Administrative and teacher job postings.
  • Job search and interview tips and hints.
  • Announcements of upcoming professional events, workshops and conferences. summaries of research and professional articles.

Who are members of School Leadership 2.0?

  • Generally they are school leaders with or without formal titles from all over the globe.

How is School Leadership 2.0 different than other teaching forums?

  • Simply put, it has "content" and not just dialogue and is updated daily. It is member driven by experienced, skilled educators and organized with advanced social networking capabilities that other sites can't offer.

We hope that you will join us and contribute to the learning community. Annual Subscription is only $19.95 and can be easily done through PayPal. If you wish to pay by check, you may do so by sending a check for $19.95 made out to “Keany Associates, Inc.” and mail it to:  5 Pinewood Drive, Huntington, NY 11743.  Purchase orders can also be handled through the same address.  Any questions regarding membership can be sent via email to

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School Leadership 2.0 is the premier virtual learning community for school leaders from around the globe.  Our community is a subscription based paid service ($19.95/year)  which will provide school leaders with outstanding resources. Learn more about membership to this service by clicking one our links below.


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