Write/Blog for SL2.0

Write/Blog for SL2.0

School Leadership 2.0 is a vibrant community.  The SL 2.0 community is recognized for its depth of insight and relevant connections it creates for educators around the globe.  It is essential that professionals at all levels who care deeply about the success of today's learners share their knowledge with colleagues throughout the world.

If you are interested in writing about research you have conducted or an experience others should know about, we want to hear from you.  The "Soap Box" is an excellent place to share this knowledge.  We also encourage you to take your passion to the many groups and micro-communities on School Leadership 2.0.  

SL 2.0 is committed to sharing knowledge among educators around the globe.  


What are the benefits of writing for us:

Be heard!  Our audience is growing every day and it's so important that they hear your message.  Social media is one the most powerful ways to get your ideas out there, so why not ignite the conversation and be heard by many!











School Leadership 2.0 is the premier virtual learning community for school leaders from around the globe.  Our community is a subscription based paid service ($19.95/year)  which will provide school leaders with outstanding resources. Learn more about membership to this service by clicking one our links below.


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Annual Membership Drive for Two Worthy Charities
During the Month of May each year, School Leadership 2.0 donates 100% of all new membership fees to worthy charities.

This year, we have chosen:

Talbot House of Catholic Charities to honor the memory of Bill Brennan's brother, Michael.

Michael K. Brennan MD (32) had just graduated Medical School and was spending a few weeks helping others who were struggling with substance abuse. Having just spent a week counseling his cousin, and on his way to bring him home to Florida,  Michael was the victim in a fatal car accident. Michael planned to pursue a career helping others with addictive behavior and his family is proud to honor his life of recovery and serving God. A donation will be made in honor of Michael K. Brennan, MD

LI 2Day Walk to honor the memory of Mike Keany's wife, Patricia.                                

The Long Island 2 Day Walk is organized to raise awareness and funding for the fight against cancer on Long Island. 100% of the donations raised by the participants are distributed to grassroots service organizations so the funds reach the members of the Long Island community affected by cancer.  Pat Keany was a victim of breast cancer in 2008.  The Keany family has been active participants in this organization for many years.

Obviously, we encourage additional donations to these two worthy charities.  Just click on the link(s) above and indicate your donation to Catholic Charities for Talbot House in honor of Michael K. Brennan, MD or to LI2Day "Team Hope."
We thank you.
Bill Brennan and Mike Keany

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