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A Coaching Conversation With a Disengaged Teacher By Elena Aguilar

The Art of Coaching Teachers

Elena Aguilar

Elena Aguilar, an experienced K-12 educator, is a transformational-leadership coach and consultant in Oakland, Calif. She is the author of The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School…


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How Getting Interviews Really Works

How are your resume and cover letter screened? What is the screener looking for? How many make it through to the interviewing committee? How does the interviewing committee make decisions? Be aware that each district customizes their process; however, the variations are usually minor. So, how does it really work?

The job posting is distributed in several ways: (1) internal distribution only; (2) an on-line system…


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8 Interactive Websites to Engage Kids in Homeschooling

Homeschooling seems like the perfect option for parents who want their kids to explore their true interests and learn at their own pace. However, this type of education also imposes great risks. First of all, you cannot rely solely on boring textbooks, since you cannot take the role of a teacher who gives lectures. You need interactive online tools that will engage your kid into the learning process.

In the continuation, you’ll find 8 websites that will make this adventure easier both…


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Hacking Feedback: The Bookends By Sean McComb

Hacking Feedback: The Bookends


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An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg About Education, From a Former Classmate

Emily Talmage Headshot

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Leaders Remember: Holidays Can Be Hard For Children

Holiday time is approaching. For most of us, it is a happy time with family and friends, with memories and fondly held traditions. Most schools engage in activities that help raise funds for families in need, offering food and other gifts.  It can make a difference for the young recipients, but there are other issues that run deeper than the need for food or gifts. Those issues are highlighted at holiday time, but remain percolating in the lives of students all through the year.  Those…


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Leaders Who Last

It is no secret that schools and the educators and students who work in and attend them are under stress. The time has come to radically change how our schools are organized, how time and work in schools is organized, how our leaders and teachers are trained, and how our students are taught.  The time demands leaders who think and act creatively (Harding, 2010). Read…


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Moral Principles of Leadership: Lessons From MISSOU President Tim Wolf

It appears, that former University of Missouri System President Tim Wolf ignored reports of an unsafe and unfair racist environment growing within his community. Was it a failure to listen to the members of his community or the failure to give the message the importance it demanded?  Whichever error he made, it cost him his job.  We do not know what was in his heart, but we do know that he failed to appreciate the cost others were paying for his lack of active response.  How many times…


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Consultation intervention for the very young

Consultation intervention for the very young

In a February 2015 profile in The Hechinger Report of Laura Wiley, an early childhood mental health consultant in Chicago, Sarah Neufeld describes Wiley's job as listening to adults so they can create emotionally healthy environments for children. Wiley trains teachers and others who work with young children to recognize trauma, which so often causes misbehavior. She supports teachers in confronting cultural…


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Our powerful disconnect

Our powerful disconnect
In a January 2015 commentary in Education Week, school psychologists Stephen Brock and H. Thomas Brant write that the report by Connecticut's Office of the Child Advocate on the Sandy Hook shootings highlights the continued challenges facing our mental-health system, where disconnects between our schools and communities play a critical role. These disconnects include inadequate and inconsistent access to mental-health professionals,…

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Teaching Students Cyber Ethics

Student safety, student behavior, and student learning are a trio of educator responsibilities. Educators have always operated within and held students to a standard of behavior memorialized in a code of conduct.  Ethical behavior, good manners, and certainly legal behavior are taught in homes, houses of worship, and community groups, and are reinforced by teachers and leaders throughout the students' thirteen years in school. But, the cyber world is introducing new questions and more…


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Deep work by Dennis Sparks


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Belonging is Essential for Learning by Annie Murphy Paul" alt="" border="0" class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" />…

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